Brain Dump Post

I don’t have anything really planned for this post so I’m just gong to brain dump for a while. I could start with some interesting weather updates – it’s been raining. This is really good for our area and I think I’ll get out tomorrow (weather allowing) and burn some stuff I’ve had in the back for a while.

I also attended RefreshBCS last night and had a great time getting together with local entrepreneurs as well as some speakers from Austin. The speakers were from a company called TechRanchAustin, which totes itself as a business accelerator. They made the distinction between acceleration and incubation, which I found interesting. I also got a boatload of book recommendations – the best of which I think will be The E-Myth Revisited. Several people in the crowd had read it, and re-read it, and re-re-read it, and found insight each time. It must be good if it’s got that kind of capacity to affect business over a long term.

I’ve also been rushing to get some of my consulting projects wrapped up before the baby is born. My wife is having more and more contractions each day and having a harder time getting around and taking care of things. You too can try this at home – take a full sized watermelon (~ 6 lbs), tape it to your stomach, and walk around for an hour. I guarantee you’re going to be thankful it’s not you caring that around 24/7! I know I don’t help her as much as I could with the house and whatnot, but I’m trying to get our credit cards and other debts paid off before we take on the new baby.

Back to the consulting – I’ve been learning more new systems than I can throw a stick at. Joomla, WordPress Templating, Drupal, Zend Framework, NCover, and a few more I’m forgetting I’m sure. Even with learning all these in and out I’ve been feeling like I’m neglecting other technologies and skillsets I cherish. I’ve been looking for a good way to keep my security skills up to date, but it is very difficult to stay on top of that.

I know and will always have a great foundation to build on here but the security industry as it is relies heavily on 0-day exploit knowledge. If you don’t know the exploits exist, how can you possibly protect against them? And if you concentrate on building security systems in depth for you products, how much does it end up costing you neglecting the product itself? This is something I’m struggling with currently and it’s getting the best of me at the moment. I have been balancing the projects I’m getting paid to do with the realization that I’m neglecting my business administration and my network administration. I’ts a terrible feeling. Anyone volunteer to help with this? :)

My motorcycle is still in the shop and they have ordered some new clutch plates for it. I’m wondering why the hell it’s taking so long – a bike shouldn’t be anywhere near complicated as a car. Especially the older ones that rely on good old nuts and bolts rather than computers and cooling systems. I’m hoping to get it back soon so I can grab a motorcycle permit up on campus and save a boatload on gas each month (again, weather permitting). The motorcycle permit costs $35/yr (with a primary vehicle permit already) and it would cost me about $5 every two weeks to fill it up. That’s in contrast to the old 2004 v6 Ford Ranger I’m driving around now which takes (at minimum) $20/week.

And finally, it’s with a sad heart that I have to say I shaved my beard. I had a good 2 weeks going on it and it was filling out nicely, but my wife really hated it. It was too short to get soft enough for her sensitive skin. We’ve made a compromise. When the baby is born, I can grow it out. I plan on documenting the process on my Picasa Web account.

Well, that’s it. By the way, all of this brain dumping idea was due to the book Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware. Go get your copy (I have to return this one to the AgileBCS library and get my own)!

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