Hurricane Ike in Bryan, TX

Well, we’re sitting around here waiting for the storm to come along. We’ve put all our patio stuff in the shed and brought all the animals in. We stocked up on fresh water, batteries, flashlights, etc. Washed all the clothes and dishes in case we lose power. Now we just wait.

I’m actually a little excited about this. I think we’re far enough out of the danger zone that we’ll get a lot of heavy rain and some heavy winds, but we’re not in danger of being flooded out or anything. We’ll probably lose power, and definitely internet and TV (both satellite).

So until then, I’ll drop some links on here to the resources I’ve been tracking the storm with. The first being The Weather Channel, who has been doing all day broadcasts from Houston and Galveston. I’m really enjoying the stories they are bringing, and the fact that they are keeping it fresh. The second resource is the Storm Pulse website, which has a large map of the projected path with updates from the National Hurricane Center at regular intervals.

More updates to come – as long as the Internet is up!

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