Replacement For PuTTY

I found a really nice replacement for PuTTy which offers tabbed sessions in a single window, renaming of tabs, and color support for xterm, vt100, and kterm. It’s also open source! It’s called Poderosa ( Grab it now!

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2 Responses to Replacement For PuTTY

  1. neraath says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Poderosa is certainly nicer than PuTTY, but it seems to have some…issues. This is especially true when sshing into another server and mistyping my password – it seems to just hang. I’m gonna keep trying it out, but if it continues to frustrate me I’m going back to PuTTY.

  2. dpx says:

    I agree that it has some issues, but for a free client I think it’s worth it. I noticed the hanging when mistyping the password issue as well. It’s easy enough to detect, and a quick Alt-W will close the window and Alt-F-1 will reopen the last connection made. Another issue it has is that it opens in a default window size, regardless of whether or not it is maximized. To fix this, you have to double click it to make it not full-screen, and then re-maximize it.

    I don’t mind doing these things though because I like having all my windows in one program on the task bar, and with labels. You can rename tabs, so when I have 3 connections open to a single server, I can label them such as ‘build’, ‘test’, and ‘code’.

    Maybe I’ll submit some bug issues to the developers when I get the time.

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