Picking Linux – Part 4 – Debian Installation

As I mentioned in the previous post I’m current installing Debian 40r3. So far I am pretty excited just by the installer alone. It has already detected all my hardware and configured my wireless card and that was all before it got to partitioning. In the partitioning, it actually had an option for Guided full disk usage with an encrypted LVM! Right off the bat!

That right there is mixing the best of security and usability. This is especially important on my laptop because I will be traveling with it soon and plan to take some of my development work with me. I don’t want prying eyes or stealing hands to get that data and a setup that addresses that situation from the get go wins in my book.


After getting the installation done I tried to use the system. This is where the problems began. Appearently the Debian team itself is not updating its packages and relies instead of users to use systems based on the Debian base. This would include Ubuntu, and some others.

The system was nice and I liked it but again, the updates killed me. If I can’t update the system (ex: I couldn’t install the latest php through the apt system), it’s a deal breaker. After finding this out, I removed it from the system and didn’t pursue it any further.

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  1. neraath says:

    What package sources did you have? Did you strictly use Debian main? Which branches did you want apt to pull up? The default is usually fairly short in terms of the packages that can be visible and you need to extend to additional branches (e.g. nonfree and others) to see most packages.

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