Continuous Integration with PHPUnit and Friends

Well I haven’t blogged lately and I thought I would throw something out there about my current efforts. I’ve been at work doing a lot of PHP stuff lately and I’ve been really unsatisfied with the setup I had. The code I”m working with is mostly legacy PHP 4 code, so I’m rewriting it using PHP 5 OOP techniques. This includes a TDD approach using PHPUnit, a well though out project layout, and a simple shell script to run the test runner.

However, I have been looking for an even better solution. I’ve been experimenting a little on my own time with things such as Phing, Xinc, phpUnderControl, and CruiseControl. I’ve found a lot of good resources at Planet PHPUnit.

As I find a good solution to move code between development, staging, and production while designing with orthogonality in mind, I will post them here. Within 6 months I hope to have a seamless, repeatable process for developing PHP projects using truly agile methods.

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